Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bucket List: September 6-11, in Philadelphia: The Greatest City Never Sold

The summer is sadly drawing to a close...Though on the bright side, it's only a four day week. For this week, at least, there is plenty going on, though you may have to fight through waves of school bus traffic and hordes of schoolchildren with their pesky crossing-guards to get to your destination at the end of the day. It'll be worth it for free movies, special events and more:

Tuesday, September 6:  The free movies at Dock Street Brewing continue with Dark City tonight. Watch the flick with food: $1 off small pizzas and $2 off larges, plus $1 off select drafts. Also tonight? 

Wednesday, September 7: The worst part of any 21+ Philadelphian's summer, school buses aside, is when Center City Sips draws to a close - no more $4, $3, $2 beverages all over the CC 'hood. 

Friday, September 9: Check out old cinema flick "Millionaires in Prison" in the prison, well at least the old prison. For $10, check out a little of Eastern State Penitentiary and this flick. Warning, you may feel like you're an inmate with the steel bars and prison guards a-lurking.

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