Philly Hub: Vermont Edition Interlude

(April 23, 2011 - Burlington, VT) In order to avoid any spoilers about Part 2 of the Vermont Edition, sadly there will be no further info on the brewskies here. However, I can mention the music scene briefly - check out the lineup on the left from The Hub for a taste of the music flavors in Vermont, but keep in mind that tonight at Higher Ground, Sam Adams of "Driving Me Crazy" and "I Hate College" fame will be entertaining the citizens of Burlington who attend his show at Higher Ground. In case you're unaware of Burlington event venues like good Philly lover probably should be, Higher Ground joins Nectar's, the birthplace of Phish, as a prime launching, stomping or last-standing ground for local talent.

Fun fact to know if you are northbound: As you enter into the rolling hills, backwood roads and maple-ridden streets of Vermont, know that you enjoying the naked wilderness undistracted thanks to legislation barring all billboards.
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