Monday, October 3, 2011

Mojito Mondays in October

The weekend is over and just another "Manic Monday" has begun. This October, there's no need to surrender to the blues of another week beginning. Instead, head to the Rum Bar for the Mojito Olympics, sponsored by Don Q Rum. Four bartenders will be mixing and pouring their best mojitos for judging, and if you're lucky you can even join the panel of judges since one lucky member of the crowd will hand-picked (yes, hand picked, then possibly required to crowd surf) to judge and get a $50 gift certificate to the Rum Bar.

Getting in will only strip you of $6, which earns you a Don Q-jito as well as a front row seat for the action. Added Bonus? The first Monday, October 3rd, I'll be judging...the 10th and 17th, you'll miss out on hanging out with yours truly, but can still kick the Monday blues and cheer on the barkeeps. The 24th is the "playoffs" where winners from other October weeks compete in the Medal round (and if we are lucky, the Phils will still be in the playoofs as well, if not the victor).

With no Phils game tonight and the heartbreak of yesterday's games to get over, there's really no excuse not to drown your sorrows. It all starts tonight at 7 p.m., at the Rum Bar on 2005 Walnut St. Keep away from feeling like the Bangles song below and make it a Mojito Monday instead of a manic one...

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