A young marketing and public relations professional, I love the city of Philadelphia and all it has to offer. Inspired by the latest documentary by Morgan Spurlock, I have dubbed one of the features of this site "The Greatest City Never Sold" - because despite rising popularity, Philly is still underrated (if you don't believe me check out Travel & Leisure Mag).

However, since I'm now at the beginning of my climb to mover-and-shaker mogul, I have figured out how to skip the pricey (yet well-meaning) black tie philanthropies and focus on the affordable culture of Philly. If you read my blog I'll update you on the best free or darn close to it events and goings-on in the city. I aim to include these features: 
  • The Greatest City Never Sold - featuring events, festival, culture or Philly staples that make it Philadelphians love Philly, but rarely make it outside the bubble of brotherly love
  • Cheap Eats, Dates, Events - doing the city on a budget or lack thereof
  • Outside of the City - The Philly area is an extension of the city, whether its plucky Phoenixville, college (West) Chester or the poised Main Line, so this covers urban outside the city lines
  • Travel - the occasional highlight of an outside place, because we're open-minded enough to explore other cities and appreciate their strengths (then appreciate Philly more when we get back)

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I am also now the Philadelphia Budget Events Examiner for Examiner.com, if you can't get enough of my tips here you may find some different ones here

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